Friday, March 24, 2017

Foto Art Friday – March 24, 2017
Go with the Flow
On a recent cruise, my husband and I took advantage of the opportunity to go snorkeling in the Caribbean.  I caught this image of fish swimming primarily in the same direction.  There is one fish, tho, who seems determined to go his own way, and is swimming against the flow, so to speak.  I am reminded of how there are times when it’s good to strike out on one’s own, and not follow the crowd.  However, I’m also reminded of some advice I heard that suggests sometimes when we are trying to do what seems to be difficult, we just need to sort of go with the flow of things and subtly make our way to our chosen course.  The example given is when one wants to cross a river with a strong current.  Rather than just striking out to cross the river directly, it’s good to let the current carry you, and gently keep moving toward the other shoreline.  You will get across, and save much effort and energy.  So, the reminder for me is to just go with the flow when the Universe seems to want me to go in a different direction than what I had in mind.
Go with the Flow
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