Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cape d’Or Lighthouse Windows
While at the Cape d’Or Lighthouse, I couldn’t help but notice the windows at the lighthouse visitors’ center.  The finish of the building was very weathered and it added some lovely character to the building.  Take a look

Window of Building

Thru a Lighthouse Window


Monday, July 9, 2018

Fundy Trail Parkway Treasures

The Fundy Trail Parkway had lots of wonderful views, but there were a couple of treasures that made it to this blog.  There was something differently special about these two pieces.

Butterfly on Bloom

It was great to have lunch at a spot where we could look out over the water and see Nova Scotia (see my travel blog for more on that!).  But, when I looked down, I saw another treasure – a butterfly that gently flit from bloom to bloom.  I was able to capture it with my camera, and then converted the photo image to a watercolor pencil sketch.  It just captured the feeling of that gentle creature kissing those blooms…..or so it seemed!

Old Window

When we came back from a lovely day’s exploration, we turned onto the drive into the campground and I suddenly noticed a deserted building of some sort.  I don’t know what it was originally – part of it reminded me of a church, and another part of an old barn.  The thing that struck me the most was this window.  It looked like it had always been rather rustic, but the light sconce spoke to something a bit finer.  I loved the contrast of the two, found in this one building!

Three Doors

When I saw these three doors lined up together in an old deserted building, if you look, the doorknobs are all in slightly different locations on the doors, but otherwise, the two panel doors seem remarkably alike.  I wondered why anyone would do that – perhaps to allow a carriage to enter thru the two panel doors?  It didn’t really appear that large to me to allow for that, but it intrigued me enough to capture the image.  I carried the theme of three throughout the piece – 3 rings and 3 sets of trees.  I guess the mystery of the three doors will always be.

Three Doors


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Beach and Harbor Pencil Sketches
At St. Martins, New Brunswick, we stayed at a campground that was literally steps from the beach and a short drive to a charming fishing village.  Some of the images I took from this area just begged to be converted into digital watercolor pencil sketches – how could I refuse?
One of the nice things about the campground where we stayed in St. Martins was that it was practically on the beach.  There was this footbridge that crossed over a small water channel to the actual beach, and it made for a lovely sketch.  Looks rather inviting!
To the Beach
The harbor at St. Martins is very close to an old no longer used covered bridge.  I love the bright colors that the fishing boats are often painted, and the boat in this sketch is no different – a bright aqua color!
St. Martins’ Harbor
This wider view of the harbor at St. Martins, in New Brunswick, shows two fishing boats in for the day.  Their bright color is in sharp contrast to the weathered wood of the surrounding dock and old covered bridge.
Seaside Village
There are actually two covered bridges in St. Martins, NB.  One is no longer in use, but this one is still used, altho it’s only a one-lane bridge, so cars have to be polite and take turns going over it!  It’s a charming touch to this small village.
St. Martins’ Covered Bridge
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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Minister’s Cottage
In 1791, Reverend Samuel Andrews bought the island upon which this cottage stands.  He built this cottage, and the island was named after his calling, and today is known as Minister’s Island.  The island is off the town of St. Andrews, in New Brunswick, Canada, and can be reached by driving across a bar of land that becomes available during low tide.  I visited this island on a misty day when the fog hung low to the ground.  Looking at the cottage in this setting, in this weather, I could almost feel the minister inside looking out on such a day.
Minister’s Cottage
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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Beautiful Sights from Lubec, Maine and Campobello Island, New Brunswick

Ironically, on our first day of exploration in Canada, we had to drive back to the US in order to get to a Canadian island.  That was ok because it gave us a chance to see the small harbor town of Lubec, Maine.
We first caught sight of the Mulholland Point Lighthouse as we drove over the bridge to get from the US into Canada.  After we crossed the bridge, we drove down the small access road to get a close up view of the lighthouse.  However, as I find is often the case with lighthouses, the best images are those taken from a distance.  This view allows us to see two countries in one frame.  Mulholland Point Lighthouse is on Campobello Island, which is in Canada, and the harbor is in Lubec, Maine, USA.  The day was somewhat overcast, but there’s just enough definition in the sky to keep it from looking flat.

Mulholland Point Lighthouse and Lubec Harbor

On the opposite end of Campobello Island, lies Head Harbor Lighthouse, which is on its own island.  You can see the waters churning all around the island, as the tide waters are rushing in, as they tend to do in this part of Canada.  We’re near the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides (approximately 30 feet difference from low to high tide in some areas) in the world.  Whether they are coming in or going out, the waters tend to churn in certain places, and this is one of them!  When the tide is out, it used to be that you could walk from Campobello Island to the lighthouse island.  There were stairs on both sides, and you just walked across the ocean floor, that would be relatively dry (maybe mucky, but not under water) at that time.  If you look closely in the image (just under the lighthouse), you can see the rusty stairs leading from the lighthouse island to what would be the ocean floor at low tide.  At this point, you can see they just lead to fairly deep and churning water.  I love this image for showing the strength of the lighthouse.  Alone on an island, but sending signals to boats that need guidance.  And, I love the rich colors in this image, compliments of the sea and wind.

Head Harbor Lighthouse Island

This cemetery is in Lubec, and I was drawn to it because of how the headstones are standing, leaning and in some cases, lying down.  I loved the contrast in colors of this image, cool granite of the headstones, rust that appears in sections on many of them, and the lush green of the trees, shrubs and grass.  The blue sky is nice, too!

Old Cemetery Headstones

We visited this cemetery just a few weeks after Memorial Day, and I’m assuming that the flags on some of the graves indicate the graves of those who served our country.  I wish I knew the reason for the positions of the headstones, but perhaps it’s just settling ground.  It seemed pretty soft and sort of cushiony when I was walking around, like the ground holds a lot of water and doesn’t drain all that well.  In any event, the flags added a nice personal touch to the scene.

Patriotic Cemetery


Lubec and Campobello Island Pencil Sketches
While exploring Lubec, Maine and Campobello Island, New Brunswick, there were some scenes that just needed to be digital pencil sketches.  Come take a look!

There was a small decorative footbridge in the campground where we stayed.  In front of the footbridge where a stream should be running, grew some wild irises, both white and blue.  I thought this made a charming small intimate nature portrait, ideally suited for a digital watercolor sketch.
Campground Irises

As we drove along Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada, I notice a boat that had definitely seen better days.  It was beached on the shore, and had been left there to decay.  I thought it made a nice sketch, and I thought of how often we tend to discard things rather than repairing them. Still, this discard made for a picturesque scene.
Boat Wreck

In a couple of other posts, you’ll see a reference to an old cemetery in Lubec, Maine.  Across the road from the cemetery, this lovely, small field of flowers put on a little show.  The trees added a nice compliment, as did the small peninsula point that looks like it could be an island.  Don’t you just want to go and sit in the field and just daydream the afternoon away?
Shoreline Flowers