Friday, January 12, 2018

Early Morning
This year, for Foto Art Fridays, I thought I would share a “pure” photograph that I’ve taken and share that, instead of creating a photo collage or some other artistic altered image.  I also thought I’d tell you a bit about the image.
Early Morning
This image is of one of my favorite subjects, which is no longer around.  This deserted cabin is just down the road from our home, and I love the character of it.  The tree standing next to it adds to the character, and makes the scene truly photogenic.  This cabin seemed to speak of past times when I think people, in general, were made of tough stuff.  It doesn’t look like it had any running water or electricity when it was someone’s home.  It managed to survive for generations, but within the last few years, time and the elements have finally taken their toll, and the cabin is mostly flattened.  Here’s to (slightly) better times!
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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Foto Art Friday – December 8, 2017
Sunstar Morning
I’ve decided to trade off for my Foto Art Friday pieces, and start to include some “pure” photo images that I feel fall into the category of “art”, whatever that is!  This piece was taken one morning as we sailed around the Panama Canal.  There was some moisture in the air, and the sun coming up over the horizon caught those drops of water and really shone.  It’s the sort of image that I feel offers each of us hope.
Sunstar Morning
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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Foto Art Friday December 1, 2017
Shades of Home
This piece came about as I thought about home and what it means to so many people.  Of course, the heart of the piece is the image of what once was someone’s home.  There is writing, both handwritten and typed, in different positions, representing how people tend to write to those at home, or about home, or even about leaving home, depending on one’s perspective.  Different textures represent the different thoughts people have about what “home” means to them, and the birds represent the fleeting time we spend at our various homes throughout our life.  So, what does “home” mean to you?
Shades of Home
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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Summer Clean-Up
We had just finished cleaning up after the summer clearing out the greenhouse and stacking firewood for our upcoming fires in the fireplace, when I noticed a few interesting natural intimate landscape portraits.  I purposefully processed each of these with a different effect, just to enhance them!
Almost Gone
There’s a bush with a bit of green leaves still left.  Those leaves are surrounded by landscape rocks and other fallen leaves from a larger bush that towers over it.  I thought it might be fun to process this one as a poster full of bright color!
Summer’s Debris
In a slightly different location, there were other leaves that just spoke of being the debris left over from the summer foliage.  For this image, I thought an impressionist painting effect added a nice touch.
Leftover Leaves
Just off from the above scenes were some slightly larger stones and just a few leaves mixed in among them.  The red leaf caught my eye and was the focus of this image that I processed to look like a more realistic painting.
Last Bit of Green
And, finally, a “true” photograph!  This of the portion of that bush that is being oh so persistent in remaining green!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Last Burst of Color
Around my home, autumn is putting on a show in its final days.  These two images portray two very different approaches it takes…..
Autumn Color
This is autumn at its most brilliant.  The reds, oranges and touches of yellow are the traditional colors that come to mind when we think of fall.  But, there’s another side…..
Autumn Grass
There’s also the more subtle, and some may argue, the richer, colors of autumn that this autumn grass is portraying.  Which is the best representation of autumn?  I think that’s for each individual to decide!
Misty Morn
We don’t get many misty mornings here in the high, dry desert, so when we do, I love to take advantage of them and go out for a photo shoot.  Here are my favorite images from such a morning early in November.
Late Fall
When we get a misty morning in the fall, it seems especially magical to me, as the mist hugging close to the ground really allows you to see the beauty of an individual tree.  It seems to cut out all the other “noise” so you can really see the focus of the image.
Tree Echo
Another thing the mist does is give you this type of wonderful effect naturally!  I have driven down this road countless times, but this was the first time I noticed the similarity of tree shapes in this field.
Misty Country Road
This was the road I was driving down.  I love the way the mist creates a sense of mystery where is this road leading?  Kind of like life who knows where our path in life will lead us?
Back in the Past
The other morning, we drove to a great collection of some deserted cabins and old homesteads.  I decided to go with the feel of the scenes, and went for a vintage effect with these images.
Life Gone By
The bare winter branches of the trees add to the forgotten feel of this scene.  The old homestead is falling down, left behind as the family that used to live there as moved on.  But, let’s imagine what life may have been like, with children playing in the front yard, with perhaps some chickens scurrying out of their way.
Back in the Day
Back in the day, windmills were used to generate and power water wells, as well as tell the general direction and power of the wind.  Today, they are but a form of decoration on the plains of the high desert.