Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Path Home
There was something about this deserted house.  I first saw it as we drove to Acadia National Park, but I didn’t photograph it until a few days later.  It has been deserted for some time, and a no trespassing sign was posted on it.  I didn’t trespass in it.  I just stood out front to photograph it from a number of different angles.  The full-face on view won, and then I decided that I needed to incorporate it into a piece of digital art, what I call photo collage.  The end result reminds me of how often people tend to return to their base, be in where they grew up or where their soul came alive.
The Path Home
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Monday, June 18, 2018

Footbridge in Somesville
On Mt. Desert Island, home to Acadia National Park, there is a small village outside the park, called Somesville.  This village has a charming footbridge that runs alongside the road through the village.  It has become one of the most famous landmarks on the island, and is captured here not as one of my photo images, but as a digital watercolor pencil sketch, also created by me.
Footbridge in Somesville
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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Digital Watercolor Pencil Sketches from Deer Isle, Maine

Deer Isle, Maine, is a smaller island made up of private homes of working class individuals, many of whom seemed to work on the boats, fishing for lobster, crab and other seafood.  The images that I took seemed to best capture the overall feeling of the area when converted to watercolor pencil sketches.

It’s not uncommon to see lobster traps stacked up on the docks, waiting for the fishermen to take them out and drop them in the sea.  In this piece, you can see the traps on the left side.  Many seem to be yellow, altho I don’t know the reason for that.  

Lobster Fishing Harbor

As we drove along the backroads on this island, there were several scenes like this one – very calm and peaceful.  I could imagine myself deciding to lay in the grasses on the shore, and read or day dream or nap for a few hours! 

Deer Isle Shore

This was a bit of an unusual site – a sailboat leaving from what seemed to primarily be a fishing port.  I loved to watch it seemingly silently glide through the port waters, making its way to the sea from the safe waters close to shore.

Sailing thru Port

This small village seemed to be purely a fishing village.  No lobster traps were in sight.  It also seemed like most of the fisherman were out for the day.  What an idyllic setting.

Deer Isle Fishing Village

Away from the salt water harbors of this island off the shore in Maine, was a small pond.  Near the pond, almost hidden in the tall grasses, was this lovely blue iris – a treasure for anyone having the time to wander the shore and look for it.  Lucky me.

Blue Iris

In a fresh water pond across the village from the harbor, there were some waterlilies that dotted the surface.  They just seemed to invite a person to sit and have some quiet reflection.

Water Lily Pond


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Saturday, June 16, 2018

Flowers of Acadia National Park
There is an area in Acadia National Park, along the Park Loop Road, called Sieur de Monts Spring.  This area is a lush little oasis, full of a sampling of the types of flowers and plants you can see throughout the Park.  Here are some of the loveliest examples (in my humble opinion!)
I’m not certain what these flowers are – they must be in the daisy family – but I loved the look of these soft delicate blooms against the rough bark of the tree they were growing under.  It was a lovely contrast found in Nature. 
Delicate Blooms against Tree
This is another flower that is just so beautiful in its gentle delicate way.  It just sort of sprung up out of green to highlight my walk down this garden path.
Blue Iris
These blooms were new to me!  They are called pitcher flowers, and their bloom actually faces down toward the ground.  I love the dusty red color of the petals.  I think they get their name from their leaves, found at the base of the plant (unseen in this image).  The leaves curve into what look like little pitchers that hold water that the flower needs to bloom.
Pitcher Flowers

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Watercolor Sketches from Acadia National Park
There are many beautiful sights to see in Acadia National Park.  I decided to take a few of the images I took and convert them to watercolor pencil sketches.  Please, take a look….
How can you look at these tiny daisy-like blooms and not want to smile.  They look so happy and cheerful.  They were nestled in the green grass and other foliage growing at the Sieur de Monts Spring area in Acadia National Park.  There is a garden there that contains all the flowers and other plants that grow in Acadia, as a sort of sampler of what can be seen.
Pitcher Flower Bloom
The bloom of this flower is generally hidden, as it faces downward toward the ground. This bloom was coaxed into a face-up position for a moment to allow me to capture its beauty.
Egg Rock Lighthouse

There are several lighthouses off the shores of Acadia National Park, and Mt. Desert Island, the island where the main potion of Acadia is located.  This lighthouse can be found just off the shore and in Frenchman Bay on Egg Rock Island – hence, the name.  The island got its name from a time when early coastal settlers used to gather seabird eggs on the island.  That practice stopped due to a couple of the bird species nearly going extinct, due to that practice.  The island is so small, the actual light house beacon was built on top of the keeper’s house to conserve space!
Along the Shore at Otter Cliffs
The waves can crash against the rocks at Otter Cliffs and create what I’m sure must be a dramatic scene.  However, on the day I was there, the seas were relatively calm.  They still created an intimate landscape portrait of the shoreline that I captured in this peaceful sketch.
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Friday, June 8, 2018

The Best of Traveling – June 1-7
This blog post will be highlighting some images that I created while on our June – July Atlantic Canada trip.  Altho I like these images, they don’t quite measure up to what I put on my Fine Art America.  Still, I felt like they are good and nice enough to share with all of you!
We were driving from New Mexico to our first stop in Amarillo, Texas, when Jeff noticed this ramshackle deserted homestead along the side of the highway we were one.  I quickly snapped a few images and chose this one to process for this blog.  If you look closely, the homestead is actually not very steady!  It’s leaning and odds are, in a few years, it will fall down.  This reminded me of a time gone by, and so I processed this with a vintage camera light leak effect – something I might have seen when I was a kid looking at some photos my aunt might have taken.  Altho, she was more in to people, and not into deserted homesteads!
Leaning Homestead
This scene was one I saw as we drove along the highway to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  There were a number of farm homes along the way.  I have a feeling that the highway was put in well after the farms were established.  When I looked at this image, it reminded me of living in the country when I was a kid.  That bit of nostalgia was behind the decision to convert the original photograph into a colored pencil drawing.  It reminds me of something Grandma Moses might have done.  Makes me smile whenever I look at it!
Country Life
As we were entering the highway from a country road, I looked to the right, and noticed this herd of horses munching and socializing with each other.  I quickly captured the scene and then thought of what it made me feel like when I saw the ponies.  It reminded me of days gone by, and the heart of the summer.  I processed the image to capture this feeling.
Vintage Ponies
This heron was captured on a morning walk around a pond in a campground where we stayed.  The morning walk did wonders for my psyche – the drive over the past several days had caught up with me and left me feeling like all there was to see in this country was miles and miles of road.  Of course, we know that’s not true!  This heron helped me remember that!
Take Off
Along the shore of the same pond, we came across about 3 goose families.  Here’s an image of one of them out for a family outing of a morning swim.  This family has 5 little goslings – another had 3 and the third had 6!  I think the color of the water set off the soft almost white color of the goslings really well.
Family Outing
Here’s a very nice shot of the heron in one of the previous images.  It seemed like I had finally gotten to the position where he felt I could capture his best side!
If you’ve read my other posts, you know I truly love deserted cabins and homesteads.  This one, along a road in Massachusetts, once again reflected the feeling of being sturdy and having weathered more winters and hardships that we mere humans could handle.  This one actually looks to be in pretty decent shape, so it may still be used from time to time. 
Barn from the Highway
Wow!  These are some of my favorite images from just the first week of our summer adventure!  To see other images, please feel free to visit my travel blog –

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Evening Show
The other day, we had an incredible sunset at our home.  It seemed that everywhere I looked, there was a magnificent view of it.  Let me take you through those few moments between day and night, when Nature put on quite the show…..
The show began with a golden glow, and rays that reached up into the blue early evening sky.
Interesting Sky
This image really made me feel that we humans are truly insignificant, when it comes to Nature in its entirety.  The vastness of the sky and what lays beyond was something I felt in my gut when I saw this scene.  The very large mountains seem tiny in the distance.  The last rays of the day burned bright until they reached the cool of the sky beyond our earth. And, in the forefront, trees that seem so much taller than we are, are dwarfed by all of this. 
Evening Rays
And, yet, there were light, almost whimsical moments in this moment.  I chose to focus on just a small piece of the wonder of this sunset, and came away with this almost happy view of warm and cool colors mixing it up in the sky
Cloud Wisps