Friday, May 26, 2017

Foto Art Friday – May 26 2017
Package of Three
When I was in Texas on a pleasure trip a couple of weeks ago, I captured an image of 3 daisy-type flowers blooming on the side of the road.  After capturing them as an image, I decided to play around with effects and convert them into a pencil drawing.  I absolutely cannot draw to save my soul, but I can recreate the effect using photographic software.  I then used that image as the foundation for this photo collage piece. 
Package of Three
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pencil Sketches of Wildflowers and Roses
As I reviewed images I photographed of wildflowers and roses while on a recent trip to the area around Fredericksburg, Texas, I was reminded of how much I like pencil sketches, using colored pencils.  I decided to try to replicate that, using my photo software, since I am completely inept at drawing!  I’m not going to try to talk about these images and how I created them – instead, let’s just enjoy them!
Dual Waterlilies
Floating Invisibly
Beautiful Monarch
Poppy Peeking
Winery Rose
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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Foto Art Friday – May 19. 2017
School Days
In Gillespie County, Texas, there are a number of old one-room schoolhouses scattered along the highways and country back roads.  These schools hearken back to the “olden days” when several grades of grammar school were gathered and taught in one room, by one teacher.  This image has as its foundation and inspiration, a photograph of one of those schools.  As I viewed the schoolhouses, I thought about how teaching has changed throughout the years.  One of the sad things that I’m reminded of lately, is that cursive writing is more and more frequently not taught in schools any longer.  For this piece, I then also used some vintage handwriting, and special brushes featuring handwriting.  And, for a bit of whimsy, I added in a clock, as I do recall as a child in school, always watching the clock, noting how long it would be until recess or the end of the day!  What memories does this piece bring back for you?
School Days
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Friday, May 12, 2017

Foto Art Friday – May 12, 2017
Just Breathe
Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations – be they good or bad, happy or sad, where we become overwhelmed with the moment, and find it hard to focus on anything except that exact moment.  If the situation is negative or scary, that keeps us from taking positive steps to get ourselves either out of the situation or at least, better able to cope with it.  I saw a scene like that this week on TV, where one character had the second character to focus on taking deep breaths to calm down.  And, that, I thought, is a good lesson to take with us as we move forward.  If, or rather, when, you find yourself in an overwhelming situation, try to always have in the back of your mind the simple step to….just breathe.
Just Breathe
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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Springtime Garden and View
Only a week after we had a fairly large snowstorm, spring was alive and well!  I wandered around the front and back of our home, and got some lovely springtime views!
Front Yard Iris
During the snow storm, I was concerned that the irises that were beginning to bloom would be killed by the cold, snow and ice.  Needless to say, my fears were unfounded – the iris is lovely!
Mexican Primrose
I didn’t plant these little treasures, but I do enjoy these “party crashers” when they appear each spring! 
Yucca Bloom
A banana yucca is our state flower here in New Mexico.  Every spring, these interesting blooms “pop” up from the middle of the yucca plant.  Altho they look a bit different from typical blooms, when looked at them closely, they are quite pretty in a sort of "old fashioned” way.
Front Yard in Spring
I just love the look of our front yard when things start to bloom.  I noticed this spring that purple seems to be the color of the season.  It looks so restful – don’t you just want to grab a book and take a few moments in the chair under the tree? I converted this to a painting effect, just because this garden seems like a dream, and a painting seems to be somewhat dreamy!
Spring in the Mountains
A week ago, I couldn’t see the mountains for the snow, but now, the mountains are in full view, with what looks like a spring storm hovering overhead.  At least the snow last week added enough water to the ground so everything is nice and green!
Spring Storm
Looking to the north, you can see that there is rain happening somewhere!  I love the definition and texture that you can see in the clouds, with a bit of rain dripping from the clouds.  I’m a fan of that look, too!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Times Past
I was playing around, trying a bit of a new technique with my digital art, and ended up with this piece.  I began with an image I took several months ago, while driving along a new “photo op loop” as I think of it.  The image spoke to me of a past time in history, and I worked with a distressed background and some specialty brushes to enhance that message – a written note, back when everyone learned to write in cursive (however horrid our handwriting might have been!), and an old clock face, before digital numbers told us the time.  All are examples of times past, as is an old windmill, used to pump water for the old farm house it inevitable stood close to.  There are few of those reminders left, and I feel bad for those who live in a more urban environment where “progress” had demolished these parts of our history.
Times Past
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Foto Art Friday – May 5, 2017
It’s hard to believe that a week after the image that’s the foundation of this piece was taken, the weather outside is sunny and in the 70s.  A sudden spring snow storm had left the ground covered in 8” of snow as a result of the storm.  However, as is often the case with spring storms where I live, the meltdown, or breakup, happens quickly.  The day after the storm, snow and ice were melting, and I captured this moment of a drop of water leaving the icy rain chain to which it had been attached, just a second earlier.  It reminded me of how, as children grow into adulthood, they will reach the moment when they, too, need to breakup from the familial unit and take the brave step to make it on their own.  This piece is dedicated to that moment, when child becomes adult, and takes the first scary, exciting and exhilarating step to live their own life.
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