Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lone Trees
As we explored one section of the Organ Mountain National Monument, and we walked the beginning of a trail, I noticed some lovely trees, as they stood silhouetted against the clouds that seemed heavy with snow.
Lone Tree
I first noticed this lone trees, branches still bare from winter’s chill.  Spring has not yet reached this small tree’s branches, and they seem to accentuate the chill that still existed in the air with the snow clouds behind it.
Trees on the Ridgeline
As I stepped back from the view of the one lone tree, I was struck by the lines drawn by nature.  There are now a string of 3 trees, some of which are already reflecting green boughs, along a ridgeline of a hill that dips to form part of a small canyon, with the larger mountains in the background forming the other canyon walls.  The intersecting lines of the two mountains in the background with the hill in the foreground seemed to compliment the line of the trees in a way that only nature seems to carelessly perfect.  And, the cold feel to the clouds hanging low offsets the warm golden color of the ground cover in the foreground.

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