Friday, March 3, 2017

Colorful Rock Art
When I think of rock art, being from the Southwest, I can’t help but think of the art drawn on the walls of canyons or caves by ancient people.  This rock art, though, is not made by man, either recent or ancient.  It’s something that Nature has provided.
Ernst Canyon Colorful Art
Recently, as I explored Big Bend National Park, I found this brilliantly colored rock at my feet as I walked through Ernst Canyon.  I was in what is called a tinaja, but the show Nature was putting on wasn’t only on the walls of the canyon – it was on the floor as well.  I loved the colors of the rock, the blend of the lights and darks, pinks and purples, and also how the cracks in the rocks added a sort of dramatic tension to the piece.
Abstract Rock Art
I find this piece to be spectacular in both color and design, and take no credit for either!  Again, I photographed the art at my feet.  The lines, circles and perfect balance of color is something that Nature put there for me to discover, and I’m glad I was looking down at this moment!  It reminds me of a painting or collage of lovely hand-dyed paper that I would be proud to call my own.  Instead, I simply provided the mechanics of capturing this natural abstract art with my camera.
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