Friday, May 5, 2017

Times Past
I was playing around, trying a bit of a new technique with my digital art, and ended up with this piece.  I began with an image I took several months ago, while driving along a new “photo op loop” as I think of it.  The image spoke to me of a past time in history, and I worked with a distressed background and some specialty brushes to enhance that message – a written note, back when everyone learned to write in cursive (however horrid our handwriting might have been!), and an old clock face, before digital numbers told us the time.  All are examples of times past, as is an old windmill, used to pump water for the old farm house it inevitable stood close to.  There are few of those reminders left, and I feel bad for those who live in a more urban environment where “progress” had demolished these parts of our history.
Times Past
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