Saturday, May 6, 2017

Springtime Garden and View
Only a week after we had a fairly large snowstorm, spring was alive and well!  I wandered around the front and back of our home, and got some lovely springtime views!
Front Yard Iris
During the snow storm, I was concerned that the irises that were beginning to bloom would be killed by the cold, snow and ice.  Needless to say, my fears were unfounded – the iris is lovely!
Mexican Primrose
I didn’t plant these little treasures, but I do enjoy these “party crashers” when they appear each spring! 
Yucca Bloom
A banana yucca is our state flower here in New Mexico.  Every spring, these interesting blooms “pop” up from the middle of the yucca plant.  Altho they look a bit different from typical blooms, when looked at them closely, they are quite pretty in a sort of "old fashioned” way.
Front Yard in Spring
I just love the look of our front yard when things start to bloom.  I noticed this spring that purple seems to be the color of the season.  It looks so restful – don’t you just want to grab a book and take a few moments in the chair under the tree? I converted this to a painting effect, just because this garden seems like a dream, and a painting seems to be somewhat dreamy!
Spring in the Mountains
A week ago, I couldn’t see the mountains for the snow, but now, the mountains are in full view, with what looks like a spring storm hovering overhead.  At least the snow last week added enough water to the ground so everything is nice and green!
Spring Storm
Looking to the north, you can see that there is rain happening somewhere!  I love the definition and texture that you can see in the clouds, with a bit of rain dripping from the clouds.  I’m a fan of that look, too!

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