Monday, April 10, 2017

Abstract Art – Sea Floor
There was something quite magical about snorkeling in the Bahamas.  One big piece was how clear the water was.  As I swam around looking down for multicolored fish, I couldn’t help but notice what a wonderful background the sandy sea floor provided.  And, then when I looked closer, I saw the lovely shapes and designs created by the waves rolling over the sea floor. 
Abstract Sand at Bottom of Sea
I don’t know how the shading and lines could have been drawn more perfectly than to create this wonderfully peaceful feeling image.  I only know I had nothing to do with it!
Sea Bottom Abstract
I don’t know exactly what caused the color variation – perhaps a bit of broken reef or sea weed that is just starting to grow from the sea floor.  The ironic thing about this is that when I was snorkeling, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, so what I saw was a blurry version of these images.  I’m glad to say they look even better when seeing them with 20/20 vision!
Leaf Impression in Sea Bottom
I don’t really know if that truly is an impression of a leaf in the upper right of this image, but it certainly looks like it could be.  However, I have no idea where any leaf of this shape and size could have been, as there were none in the area.
Sunshine on Sea Bottom
As I mentioned before, the water was remarkably clear and it was very easy to actually see the sun shining thru the water down to the sea floor.  It created the lovely shading that you see in this image.
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