Friday, April 28, 2017

Foto Art Friday – April 28, 2017
Hiding in Plain Sight
I was looking at some images that I took on a trip to Florida last year.  I remember capturing the image that is the foundation for this piece.  I kept hearing the sound of a woodpecker, but I couldn’t find this little guy for quite a while.  And, then, I relaxed, because I thought he’d flown away.  Suddenly, he appeared again, and I did find him. It was so obvious as to where he was, I couldn’t believe it!  He was right there all the time.  This made me think of times when I struggle with a problem, obsessing at times because I can’t seem to find a solution. And, then, when I do……it was so obvious!  How did I not see the answer before?  I can’t answer that, because I still keep doing it!  However, this little woodpecker just reminded me of how silly it is to get more and more stressed over whatever the issue is.  Just relax, and odds are, the answer will appear!
Hiding in Plain Sight

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