Saturday, November 18, 2017

Summer Clean-Up
We had just finished cleaning up after the summer clearing out the greenhouse and stacking firewood for our upcoming fires in the fireplace, when I noticed a few interesting natural intimate landscape portraits.  I purposefully processed each of these with a different effect, just to enhance them!
Almost Gone
There’s a bush with a bit of green leaves still left.  Those leaves are surrounded by landscape rocks and other fallen leaves from a larger bush that towers over it.  I thought it might be fun to process this one as a poster full of bright color!
Summer’s Debris
In a slightly different location, there were other leaves that just spoke of being the debris left over from the summer foliage.  For this image, I thought an impressionist painting effect added a nice touch.
Leftover Leaves
Just off from the above scenes were some slightly larger stones and just a few leaves mixed in among them.  The red leaf caught my eye and was the focus of this image that I processed to look like a more realistic painting.
Last Bit of Green
And, finally, a “true” photograph!  This of the portion of that bush that is being oh so persistent in remaining green!

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