Thursday, January 5, 2017

Foto Art Friday – January 6, 2017
For this week’s piece, I was drawn to a recent image I shot while on a photo op drive a bit south from where we live.  I first started playing by layering and blending some backgrounds – a page of vintage text in French, a copyright free sheet with a lovely silhouette of a bare tree, and some background I created using Citra Solv on magazine pages.  I then added in splashes of color using a variety of specialty brushes in PhotoShop Elements.  I then layered the image that inspired this piece.  As I played with positioning it, I noticed that the branches of the background tree seemed to flow into both trees in the photo image.  That gave the feeling of oneness to the piece, and I decided to name it after the flow that seemed to spring from the trees and tree elements in the piece.  The final touches were some additional brush elements.  The lesson I took away from this piece is that sometimes, we just need to go with the flow that life is handing us at the moment and see where that will take us.


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