Thursday, January 19, 2017

Foto Art Friday – January 20, 2017
Wispy Winter
A tree in winter is the inspiration for this piece.  This was from a storm a few years ago, but I decided to play with this image to make it look a bit more “liquid” to create a sort of wispy and fluid look.  I was inspired by viewing the paintings of cottonwoods by Georgia O’Keeffe.  No, the tree is not a cottonwood, but it was a good tree to inspire some abstract musings.  Vintage text, an image of a rock I took a while ago, and various paint brushes complement the tree.  The rock image provides some wonderful texture that add a nice touch and remind me of what the tree trunk and branches feel like.
Wispy Winter

This piece is available for purchase in a variety of products (prints, greeting cards, tote bags, etc.) by clicking on the following link:

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