Monday, January 23, 2017

Driving in a Winter Storm – Landscapes
This past weekend, we had a winter storm…….for a short bit of time.  Storms here seem to be rather fierce, but very short-lived!  But, while it is fierce, there are some wonderful photo opportunities.  I’ve split my photo images into two posts – this one about the landscapes I captured.  Come and drive in a winter storm with me…..
January Low Clouds
This image was taken along a dirt road leading away from our home.  The morning was still, and the clouds were not quite lit from the sun yet.  They were what I think of as a cold winter blue.  However, they set off the snow both on the ground and in the tree very nicely.  It does make me want to go “brrrr”, tho!
Winter Road
This image has a feeling of desolation – the sort of desolation one can feel on a cold winter morning, when you aren’t seeing anyone out and about.  The sky in the background is hinting that the sun may be making an appearance on this day before too long.  However, the dark storm clouds are still overhead.
Two Trees in Winter
These two trees are a favorite subject of mine, not because they match each other perfectly, but because they complement each other perfectly.  As I came up to them, they looked like they had withstood the snow very well, but when I processed the image, the snow didn’t show up as much as I wanted, so I admit to adding some precipitation to the image!
Nothing quite conveys the feeling of coldness than a barbed wire fence with snow clinging to it, surrounding a piece of property in the middle of the high desert of New Mexico.  In reality, it wasn’t really as cold as it looks in this image, but you can almost feel a wave of cold reaching out to you.
Into the Storm
When I turned toward home while driving in a snow storm, I faced a lonely, snow-covered road.  The trees on the right sort of anchor the image, but it looks like I’m going to drive into a big cloud of white.  And……I did!  As I drove down this road, it became harder and harder to see.  Thank goodness I knew the road just went straight, and had no turns! 
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