Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I decided that it had been too long since I took myself out on one of my photo op drives.  Generally, when I do this during the winter months (and it officially turned “winter” just a few days ago), I venture out during a snowstorm, so I can get some wonderful images of the landscape and trees covered in snow, or in the midst of a snow globe type environment.  This day, it was brilliant sunshine, and the only snow was on the distant mountain tops. 
Old Fenceline
Winter in New Mexico can be many things.  Today, it was blue skies and dead grass that appeared to be golden.  Add in a rickety gate on a barbed wire fence line, and you have a curiously warm feeling image of a tree in its winter sleep.  Winter days can sometimes seem never-ending, and the fence line sort of mirrors that feeling, as well as the sense of space that comes from being in rural New Mexico.
Fenceline Tree
Further down the road, and actually on a small dirt road off the main route I was taking, I came across this perfectly proportioned tree, with, again, a fence line leading me toward it.  If you look closely, you can see the snow-capped mountains in the background, sort of hidden by the tree.  It looks as if the fenceline, and the road alongside it, lead to the mountains.  Ah, but here, looks can be deceiving.  Just like the tree looks rather dead, but yet, makes me imagine what it will be like in the spring and summer, full of life.
Roadside Beauty
On the same dirt road, but a bit closer to my main route for this part of my journey today, I found this wonderful tree and view.  The things that draws me to this image are the lines of the fenceline, dirt road and power/telephone poles all leading to what seems to be a single point in the distance.  It sort of reminded me of how many different experiences in our life can end up leading us to the same realization of where we’re meant to be.  Which path shall we follow?
Gnarly Tree
I truly love the look of this tree.  I have to give you a bit of forewarning – keep an eye out for it in future photo collages of mine!  It has such wonderful character.  And, no, it’s truly not dead.  At least, I don’t think it is.  I believe it will once again bloom when the warm winds of spring arrive.  However, for now, I thought it was so stark, that only a black & white version truly suited its personality.
New Mexico Winter
Ah, a change of perspective!  Isn’t it amazing how viewing the same tree differently can affect how we see it?  In this image, the wonderfully magical New Mexico light has transformed it.  Yes, the tree and its companion are still without leaves, but the blue sky and light of the white wisps of clouds almost make the tips of the tree seem like they are alight!  The mountains in the background, with their snow caps, remind us that it truly is a bit nippy out there in the brilliant light.  It’s just a much more optimistic view of the same tree – and reminds us how a change of perspective can affect how we see our own reality!

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