Thursday, December 22, 2016

December 23, 2016
Winter Snow Globe
We were having some winter weather here in New Mexico when I was contemplating this piece.  It was a semi-snowy, icy day, full of sleet, and it just felt so cold looking out the window of my studio and home.  Because of the icy sleet, I didn’t venture out to photograph scenes, but instead looked back on some images from other winter storms, and found this wonderful image of a willow tree in a past storm.  The day today was sort of snow globe-like, altho no snow stuck to the ground.  The snow and ice just sort of blew around, reminding me of a snow globe.  For this piece, I used some sheet music as a foundation piece, and then layered that with a Citra Solv background piece I created a while ago.  It has a bit of text in there, but the reason I chose it is because it helps to create the snow-globe effect.  Specialty brushes add some nice touches to finish off the piece.  Hopefully, this piece makes you want to snuggle up with a comfy throw wrapped around you, a good book to read, and maybe even a lovely fire in the fireplace.
Winter Snow Globe

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