Wednesday, December 28, 2016

And Other Views…..
My photo op drive also gave me other views, and I thought I’d group these all together, while letting the trees stand alone.  Altho taken at the same time, some thoughts may be different, while others just reinforce some realizations. 
 Old Homestead
Of course, if there’s a deserted cabin or homestead to be found, I will find it!  And, they do seem to dot the landscape here.  What a tale this cabin could tell us!  I’m not clear whether it’s still being used to hold feed for the cattle, but it looked pretty “alone” to me, sitting out in this field, with an old windmill alongside.  Still, the colors of the sky and grass, and of the cabin itself, lend a warmth to its station in life, doesn’t it?
Old Windmill
This image gives us a totally different perspective, doesn’t it?  The white-capped mountains in the distance reminds us that it’s likely cold outside, and the black & white finish makes the entire scene seem a bit desolate.  Add to that, an old windmill, no longer in use, but still standing tall, and the overall effect is of something forgotten.  A lost homestead, a former life – it’s for you to decide.
When I saw this scene, I felt a sense of community.  If you look closely at the foothills of the mountains, you can see a few farms/ranches.  Yes, the mountains sort of dwarf them in comparison, but I get a sense of the plucky, tough people that call those farms or ranches home, and make a life there.  Their lives may be physically tougher than ours, but they certainly have much grander views to compensate!
Abandoned Cabin
I found this little guy along a train track that ran along a highway leading to a very small town.  I would have loved to explore him up close, but there was a fence in between us that made that impossible.  Still, I love the rough wood, in several shades of gray, and the resilience that I felt just looking at this cabin, still standing, after years out in the middle of nowhere, withstanding winter storms, spring winds, and the strong sun of summers gone by. 
Church Bell
As I wound my way toward home, I saw this wonderful church bell perched in the steeple of San Vincent de Paul Church, in the tiny town of Punta de Agua, New Mexico.  This church was established in 1878, and is quite the tiny little church.  However, my focus was on the church bell.  I don’t know if it still rings out, calling people to worship, but I love the character of it, and the simplicity of the cross standing tall over it.  In a way, it’s a tribute to this tiny town, still standing and vibrant so far off the beaten trail.
Slice of Past Life
Still in the town of Punta de Agua, I came across a deserted building.  The open window would be mostly hidden during the summer months, by the leaves of the tree in front of it, but during this time of year, I could see thru it and into the remains of a past life.  An old stove is all that is left of what must have been the heart of a home, the kitchen.  The touch of turquoise around the window pane makes me believe that this was a well-cared for home sometime in the past.
Private Property
Another snippet of a deserted building in Punta de Agua.  The sign letting me know this is considered Private Property, speaks to a time when life inside this window was bustling with activities and daily chores.  I would have loved to step closer to look inside the window, but I felt I needed to respect the sign.  What’s inside?  A story left untold perhaps.

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