Friday, August 5, 2016

Hummers in the Morning
First, for all of you who were hoping for a blog post about those large vehicles..sorry!  No, this post is about a much more delicate creature the hummingbird!
Early Riser
These little birds range in size from only 3” to 5”!  And, they do get their name from the humming sound made by their wings beating at about 50 times per second!  That’s why I can’t get a clear view of this little guy’s wings! 
They are able to fly at about 34 mph when I see them flitting to and fro off our back patio, I did think they were really zipping along, but I had no idea they were actually moving that fast!  They have the highest metabolism of any homoeothermic animal.  When they do rest, at night, they go into a state similar to hibernation.
One thing I recently learned about hummingbirds is that ancient Aztecs often wore hummingbird talismans, because they felt they represented energy, vigor, and brought them skill at arms and warfare.
Sunrise Dining
I find that last bit of information very interesting.  I have noticed that they seem to be very territorial, and have watched what I call “hummer wars” as they do battle guarding the feeder that I keep fully stocked over the summer months when they are here.  Altho I know it’s serious business to them, I find their little chirps and squeaks too cute to find their battles anything but a source of entertainment!

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