Thursday, August 11, 2016

Foto Art Friday - August 11, 2016

Sunbonnet Drive
One day this week, I noticed a classic car (and a convertible!) in front of us as we drove thru our neighborhood.  I grabbed my cell phone and snapped a few quick shots.  One of them worked up well as a watercolor painting.  I thought the softness of a watercolor captured the overall feeling of these two sunbonnet clad folks coming back from their morning drive.  I decided to make this image the focus for this week’s Foto Art Friday.  I imagined these two as they perhaps meandered some country roads and the songs they may have sung along with the car radio.  I also thought about postcards that could have been sent to friends in other places sharing the enjoyment of their ride.  So, I incorporated some sheet music and postcards into the piece.  I merged all of those with some fun background paper, added my image and finished it all off with some specialty brushes.  I decided to call this piece Sunbonnet Drive because it’s the sunbonnets that sort of “make” the image!
Sunbonnet Drive

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