Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Best of Maui – Part II
This is the second grouping of images that make up my favorites from our recent trip to Maui.  Sit back, put up your feet, and take a look……
A waterfall in slow motion is truly the definition of the word “grace”.  Although there is power behind the flow, it feels as if it’s just gentle falling, kissing the rocks it passes over.  Its power is hidden behind a mask of grace.
Hana Highway Bridge
There are many bridges along the road to Hana, on the island of Maui, Hawaii.  Many of them have such character, as does this one.  The combination of rain, humidity, and warm temperatures are excellent conditions for creating a lovely rusty patina on the pillars of these bridges.  Add to that the vibrant green of the moss that then grows on them, and you have a sort of tropical Christmas reminder!
Hana Town Coast
The town of Hana is truly only the halfway point on the Road to Hana.  After all, one must get back to the beginning point of travel!  But, it’s nice to take a few moments to just sit and enjoy the rocky coastline of Hana, with gentle waters caressing the tree lined shore.  Another view of paradise.
Hawaiian Gold
As my husband and I drove around the island of Maui, Hawaii, we came across a field of sunflowers.  There was a gentle breeze, enough so that all of their sunny faces were turned in the same direction, as if they were all interested in what was going on in the next field over.  Combined with the mountain and blue sky in the background, it made for a picture-perfect setting.
Looking out to Sea
Walking along a beach in Hawaii, I came across this uprooted tree with its branches pointing out to sea.  It almost seemed to be watching for some lonely sailor to return home.  The gnarled roots of the tree are in contrast to relatively calm sea, and gentle clouds in the sky.
Old Sentry
There’s something about a large piece of driftwood that intrigues me.  Where did it come from, how did it get to this section of vegetation deserted shoreline?  And, more basically, what type of tree was it?  Whatever the answer to those questions may be, it seemed to be acting as a sentry, watching for any incoming travelers, and very content with its new role!
The sound of water as it gently flows over river rocks creates such a wonderful sense of peace.  If one just sits, listens and watches the flow of the water, all troubles seem to fade away.  Meditation with nature at its best.
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