Monday, March 19, 2018

Best of Maui – Part I
Here is the first part of some of my favorite images from our recent trip to Maui, Hawaii.  Each of these images resonates with me for different reasons…
Sometimes, we make the mistake of thinking that once the sun has set behind the horizon, the “show” is over.  This image begs to differ with that conventional wisdom.  The afterglow show is just beginning, and the vibrancy of the colors as day gives way to night playing across the clouds that lie just below the summit of the Haleakala Volcano is worth hanging around for.
Almost Gone
One of the most striking moments of a sunset on the Haleakala volcanic crater in Maui, Hawaii, is just as the last of the sun can be seen before disappearing behind what looks to be a mountain range in the distance, but is actually another bank of clouds.  The last of the sun’s rays lights up the sky, while evening is claiming the clouds at my feet.
Ancient Forest
Where was this image taken – in the Pacific Northwest of the United States?  It’s understandable if you think so, but actually, it is on the island of Maui, in Hawaii.  There is a very small forest of redwood trees, and on the morning my husband and I visited, the mist was hanging low.  This scene looks ancient, mysterious, and gloomy.  It creates a very different impression of Hawaii than the tour books leave you with.
Crater Detail
While viewing the sunrise on Haleakala, in Maui, Hawaii, part of what makes it surreal is the contrast in tones – the dark detail of the crater can really be seen in this image.  It is a definite contrast with what looks like it may be water, but is actually the clouds, and the contrast between the clouds and the sunrise beginning in the sky, is also very remarkable and beautiful.

Early Evening Rays
A lesser known sight to see on Maui is the sunset on the volcanic mountain called Haleakala.  It is truly a surreal sight to be standing on the ground and have the clouds at your feet.  I loved the play of light and shadows in this image, and felt it was best seen if I converted it to a black and white image.  It seems like one could wade thru the clouds, but I think the first step would be quite the drop!
This is one of many waterfalls you can see along the Road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii.  For this image, I used a very soft focus, just slightly out of focus, to emphasize the feeling of the soft flow of the waterfall.  It also gives you a true sense of the movement of the falls.
Golden Kiss
Usually, when I look out the window of a plane, I see sky, maybe some clouds, but nothing that looks like this.  This was early morning flying over the Pacific Ocean.  The golden color of the sunrise, wispy clouds, the ocean and the horizon, all came together to create this abstract of a morning sunrise over the ocean

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