Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pencil Sketches in the Woods
If you visited my travel blogs, you’ve seen some of these images in “reality” there.   Here, however, you will see a more artistic rendering of the images – compliments of my computer.  I wish I could produce this on pencil and paper, but my talents don’t lie in that arena. So, let’s take a look at what I can do!
Summer Daisies
Here’s a softer, gentler look at what I called a very happy flower. This rendition of them focuses on the more delicate side of these flowers.  These look like something out of a dream, I think.
Alder Woods
At first, I had thought these were birch trees.  But no, they are alders!  And, in the fall, the color of their leaves is a lovely golden color.  But, now, there’s not a trace of gold – only green.  Still, for this sketch, I chose to focus on the white of the tree trunks and their pattern as they stand in the woods.
Asters in the Woods
Ok, so this is not a sketch!  It’s an impressionist painting!  But, it seems to suite these blooms just fine!  It sort of emphasizes their softness, and it really sort of suggests the movement of them thru the gentle breeze.  Makes me want to sigh……Ahhh….

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