Friday, July 14, 2017

Foto Art Friday – July 14, 2017
Forest for the Trees
This week’s piece was inspired by a ride on a chairlift taken during the summer.  As we traveled both up and down the lift, I was truly amazed at the beautiful scenery.  I kept being drawn to the many, many pine trees that we passed over and alongside – so much so, that I totally missed this small stand of birch trees mixed in with the pines.  It reminded me of the saying about how one cannot see the forest for the trees – getting too hung up on the details to see the overall picture.  I felt a bit like that’s what I had done, totally missing all the birch trees in the forest because I was focused on seeing the pine trees!  I converted my image of the birch trees into a colored pencil drawing, and then merged it with some digital collage elements – some text from an Asian book, and some CitraSolv background paper I made.  I added some specialty brushes to the piece to add a finishing touch. I hope you enjoy the piece and don’t forget to check out all the trees!!!
Forest for the Trees
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