Friday, February 17, 2017

Foto Art Friday February 17, 2017
Rainy Day Commute
One day, while exploring a national park in New Mexico, Bandelier National Park, Jeff & I found ourselves following a rather old, sort of beater type car, just moseying along at a very slow, leisurely pace.  We weren’t in any real hurry, so we just patiently followed behind.  It was a rainy day, so all the colors were quite vivid, and I was taken by commentary the color of the car was to its surroundings, and captured this image of a sort of creaky looking car.  I then processed it using my High Dynamic Range (HDR) software to accentuate the colors in the image and made it the focus of this piece.  I added some textured background to the piece.  I also added some tree and bubble brushes to the piece.  Trees because we were in a forest, and the bubbles reminded me of the raindrops that were ever present on this day.  So, sit back and imagine where this little old car may have been driving along this forest road.
Rainy Day Commute
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