Friday, November 11, 2016

Foto Art Friday – November 11, 2016
Dust Storm Saguaro
On a driving trip through the Southwest, my husband and I happened to get caught in a large dust storm, called a haboob.  As visibility became more and more difficult, I attempted to capture what was happening with my camera.  One of the images I captured were some saguaro cacti on the side of the highway.  When I processed the image, the feeling of the haboob was accentuated by the fact that my view of the cacti were filtered through both the wave of dust we were driving through and the windshield made dirty by the storm.  I decided to feature that image in this piece.  To me, it captures the feeling that I sometimes feel when life hands me a difficult situation.  It feels like the answer is there, but I must look for it through a screen of debris.  Digital collage elements, including a background I created using Citra Solv, a variety of paintbrush effects, and multiple layers merged together created this final product. 
Dust Storm Saguaro

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