Friday, November 4, 2016

Foto Art Friday – November 4, 2016
End of Season
This piece was inspired by a happy accident, which can happen with fairly decent regularity if we’re open to that.  In this case, I accidentally merged 3 distinctly different images I took in Napa, California, into 1 high dynamic range image.  I didn’t realize I was doing that, and when I saw the result, I just sort of sat and looked at it.  I knew I needed to make it a photo collage piece, because I had already sort of started down that path by accident.  So, I added another image of a tree with most of its leaves gone, because it’s the end of the growing season in Napa, and fall is quickly upon us there.  The circles in the lower center are of a clock, and several lighter shadows of the clock.  I purposefully did not make it very clear, because, as time passes, when recalling things, the time that they occurred sometimes gets muddled, and fades.  I then added some photographic grunge effects, some other brushes in Photoshop Elements, and the result is what you see. 
End of Season

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