Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Art at Del Mar Beach
We took Miki to a dog beach in Del Mar, California, when we were in California, and I took a couple of images that just really spoke to me about how peaceful it can be on the shore, even when the waves are rolling in.  As I processed these images, I just felt like they should be converted to some other sort of media – or at least look like they have been created in a different medium! 
At the Dog Beach
This image was captured as we walked across a bridge up above the dog beach.  I love the perspective of being up above things looking down on a calm view.  I converted this to a sort of crayon type drawing.  I loved how the messiness of the effect sort of mirrored the way the waves rolled in, and yet had an overall soft feel to it.
Wave Action
This image represents the opposite perspective – up close to the waves.  I converted this to a sort of impasto painting effect.  The shades of blue fading into the sand and white foam colors create a lovely transition.  What I think I like the most about this image/painting are the shadows you can see from the foam of the waves on the sand below the water.  It’s an unexpected depth that almost creates a 3D effect…..except its real!

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