Friday, June 23, 2017

Foto Art Friday – June 23, 2017
Truth Shines In
When exploring in our home state of New Mexico, my husband & I came across this door, or rather, this wall, with a door in it.  What struck me about this wall was how it was still standing, while apparently very sound structurally.  After all, the light was shining in at almost all the seams where the wood boards were joined.  The color was warm and lovely, and truly accented the light nicely.  It made me think about all that one hears in today’s world.  What is true? What is assumption?  What is an outright lie?  Sometimes they all sound the same, all are believable.  The key, I feel, is to listen with your heart.  When you do that, the truth will shine in. 
Truth Shines In

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