Friday, September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016 - Foto Art Friday - Old Barn

There’s this small little barn that apparently hasn’t been used for years on the road that I drive on all the time to head to the store.  I have always thought it had such character, and planned to photograph it.  However, I hadn’t until recently.  I noticed there was a “For Sale” sign on the property, and I realized that when it sold, whoever the new owners were might tear it down to build a newer, bigger barn.  So, I finally made a point to stop and photograph it.  I decided to have it be the focus of this art piece, to sort of honor the farming community that used to live in the area.  The piece has my own Citra Solv paper as its background, with some vintage handwriting blended into it.  Add my image, some grunge effects and specialty paint brushes in PhotoShop Elements, and it’s done! Credit: on thin air and soul poison (brushes); GTD Grunge Collection (grunge effect) #FotoArtFriday.
Old Barn

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