Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sunset Rain, Sunrise & Hummers
A few days ago, we had a fabulous sunset rain (after all, it is the monsoon season here), a magnificent sunrise, and some glimpses at the hummingbirds that frequent both our back and front gardens.

Rosy Rain
We have wonderful sunsets, and we also have some great views of rain off in the distance, but this evening, it seemed we were to get a bit of a rarity – a combination of both!  As we sat on our back patio, we first saw the spots of rain – the areas where the clouds seem to be sort of coming apart from below and dropping toward the ground.  But, sunset was approaching and the clouds began to reflect some great color.

Rain in the Evening Light
As the sunset progressed, the underside of the clouds really became lighted in the most spectacular way.  The sky even seemed to glow behind the San Pedro Mountains that we look at to the north.

Monsoon Evening
As the light sort of evened out, we could see more areas of rain, or raining colors, as it seemed to us.  No rain for us, but the folks north of us certainly seemed to be getting wet!

Evening Encroaches
Finally, evening seemed to be slowly encroaching on us.  I really liked the differing colors of the sunset.  Yellow and orange where there was no rain, and pinkish purple in the rainclouds.  Nothing like New Mexico for fabulously diverse sunsets!

The next morning, I was up early enough to see an incredibly brilliant sunrise.  Some of the clouds seemed to be holding moisture, but nothing seemed to be actually falling down onto the ground.  Time to rise and shine, sleepyheads!

Breakfast Dining
As I sat outside, enjoying the sunrise, I realized I was sharing the morning with the hummingbirds that take up residence somewhere close to us over the summer.  This little guy seems oblivious to the sunrise – he’s just focused on breakfast!

Here’s another little one, getting his (or her) morning meal!  One of the things that I find amusing is how territorial these little ones are – it’s extremely rare that we see more than one of them at the feeder at the same time.  They will sort of fight with each other, and then one will sip for a bit, then another skirmish, and another will sip, and so on until they’ve all eventually had their fill.  Wouldn’t it be easier to just get along?

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